Internet of Things (or IoT) encompasses everything connected to the internet. It’s increasingly becoming the idea of objects connected to the internet that have the ability to ‘talk’, learn and interact with each other. Just like Toy Story, except instead of toys coming to life it’s all our household objects and devices. Yep, nailed the concept. Just as the internet connects us all to information the … Continue reading IoT


When most people think of warfare they conjure images of combat on the front lines that are often depicted in historical war films. However, cyberwar is becoming an increasingly terrifying weapon. Cyberwarfare involves a national organisation launching an attack at another nation’s information networks.   Podcast references: Greenberg, A., 2017. How An Entire Nation Became Russia’s Test Lab for Cyberwar. [online] WIRED. Available at: <; [Accessed … Continue reading Cyberwar

Digital Resistance

Whistleblowers are people who expose a person or organisation that is partaking in criminal behaviour. The have a social agenda that is in the public interest. Hacktivism is another term often used for the work that whistleblowers do – online activism where hacking is done for a social or politically motivated purpose. Some of the most impactful examples of recent hacktivism are Julian Assange and Edward … Continue reading Digital Resistance

Social Media as a tool for Political Change

Uprisings and revolutions have been transformed with the introduction of social media networks. Social media is not necessarily a catalyst for revolution but can help to organise revolutions and rouse international support. The first notable use of social media during a revolution was the Arab Spring Uprisings in 2005. Since then, social media has frequently become used to advance social movements. Hashtag activism is one … Continue reading Social Media as a tool for Political Change

Analysing my thoughts on IYATO

A couple of weeks ago I shared my thoughts on experiencing an episode of the Chinese dating show, If You Are The One (IYATO). When experiencing the show it was difficult to set aside biases. The dating culture depicted on IYATO is completely different to that what I am used to and there are sharp differences that I kept revisiting between Chinese culture and Australian/Western culture. … Continue reading Analysing my thoughts on IYATO

iOS vs Android and Apple’s elitism

There’s an endless battle between these two major operating systems. Apple has become exclusive and elite, positioning itself as superior in the mind of its users. However, both Android and Apple smartphones have loyal customers. Because these are the two major operating systems for smartphones there is often a need for customer’s to compare them, and whilst there are some differences the reality is that … Continue reading iOS vs Android and Apple’s elitism