THE DARK SIDE… a.k.a Tumblr



Our generation is defined by social media as it has become such an integral part of most of our lives. For those of you who are not familiar with Tumblr (how?!), let me debrief it for you. Tumblr was founded in 2007 by the high school drop-out, David Karp. Although as of last year Tumblr is now owned by Yahoo, who bought the social media platform for $1.1 billion.The basic concept is to set up a blog with whichever theme tickles your fancy and customise it according to your own preferences, then you follow other blogs who post things you like and ‘reblog’ posts from them. Still confused? Tumblr in a nutshell.

Tumblr can be perceived as a virtual world through which people create their own little slice of internet heaven – or perhaps hell as Tumblr is often known as ‘the dark side’ of the internet. Why? Because most people who own a Tumblr spend way too much time being consumed by it, uh-oh!



Tumblr is the anti-blogging option in the sense that it  is not a traditional blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger, rather, it simplifies the blogging experience so that creating a blog is fast, easy, and most importantly, addictive. So easy, in fact, that they have a limit on how many blogs a user can create per day – which is 10, still a fair bit, eh? Tumblr allows people to blog but in a way which is much less formal – a picture here, a quote there, throw in some GIFs and you’re good to go! Karp has said he sees Tumblr as a platform for “the most talented people in the world.” And perhaps it is. It’s a central network where people from ‘fandoms’ (groups who are particularly obsessive over a band/person/book/TV show etc.) come together to share a variety of content, such as ‘fan fiction’ and ‘fan art’. If you don’t already know it you’ll understand the Tumblr lingo eventually. (Or maybe you’d rather not understand it as some of it can get a tad too weird.)


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