“You actually read the terms and conditions?”



 (Note: I love Rory Williams, or anything Doctor Who for that matter, and thus insist upon using this gif.)

Does anyone ever actually read the terms and conditions? I didn’t think so. Why bother, right? It’s just too much boring information about stuff we couldn’t really care less about. Just another hurdle we take when we sign up for pretty much anything. And in the end we don’t really have much of a choice but to agree anyway. We’re constantly inadvertently agreeing to different terms and conditions which entail a variety of things we don’t necessarily understand anyway.

Tumblr can instantly remove any post which goes against the DMCA and if a user continuously infringes this act Tumblr has the right to completely remove their presence from the site. The most common infringement is using another person’s intellectual property without any attribution or permission. Regardless of whether you’ve been a user of tumblr for 5 months or 5 years your entire existence on the website can dissipate instantly. Tough love, eh?

Early this year Tumblr updated their terms of service to “fully reflect our product and philosophies“. Most people were pleasantly surprised by the change initiated since the site was bought by Yahoo last year. Although they delivered the usual boring stuff they added in witty notes with just the right amount of sass. It’s probably the best idea ever because people were actually having a good laugh over the terms and conditions whilst also reading relevant things. Crazy, right?! Although overall the terms of service are still very dry, little golden nuggets such as the one below almost make it worth it.




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