Ideologies and Media Convergence



The media today is so versatile; it works to satisfy the needs and wants of its consumers by focusing on the ideologies and beliefs of specific groups and individuals in our society. Social media platforms are constantly evolving to better suit our likes and dislikes based on the feedback of users. When viewing certain content they send us suggestions based on what we already like. Tumblr does this by suggesting blogs judging of those we’re already following. You’re also able to track tags and categories to keep up to date with your interests. The audience becomes a prosumer of content through their “interaction between production and consumption” (Jenkins, 2004)

Tumblr has such vast and broad content because the users on the website are also the producers of their own content. It’s separated by hundreds ideologies, as seen through different fandoms on the site, who share opinions and substance relating to a certain book or television show. Tumblr is an open platform in the sense that it grants personalisation, customisation and discussion between its audience to a large degree. It also easily allows users to interact by replying to one another’s posts.

Tumblr aims to do what Henry Jenkins spoke of in his article, International Journal of Cultural Studies, “We need to move from a politics based on culture-jamming – that is,disrupting the flow of media from an outside position – towards one based on blogging – that is, actively shaping the flow of media.” The users do exactly that, shape the flow of the media, by interacting and engaging throughout the process of production. Tumblr allows users to take the media into their own hands and encourages the creativity of prosumers in the role of convergence. We play an active role in the media we wish to receive by reflecting our personal ideologies.


Jenkins, H. 2004. The cultural logic of media convergence. International journal of cultural studies, 7 (1), pp. 33–43.


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