Fandoms = Family


(Source – I had to use google translate to look up what the banner meant. ‘Here We Found Our Homes’. Aww, cute!)

Tumblr is of course dominated by the culture of elusive ‘fandoms’. Whether it be Sherlock, Harry Potter, One Direction or Anime; there’s pretty much a fandom for every television show, book, musical act, or celebrity ever. Asides from fandoms there are also things known as ‘personal’ blogs, which mainly entail miscellaneous pictures and quotes. Tumblr fandoms represent a uniquely bizarre culture which is very homogenous. The site has a huge community, there are currently 178.8 million blogs and on average 92.8 million posts created every day. Majority of these blogs are dedicated to fandoms. 42% of traffic is from the U.S meaning that over half of Tumblr is now occupied by users from different countries across the globe.

These segregated groups known as fandoms propose the idea of not only creating a bond with people who share your interests but amounts to a larger degree of connection through obsessiveness over a certain thing. Fans unite to create things such as fan fiction and fan art, thus they evolve into being more than just a passive audience, “fandom was asserting a collective and individual right to participate within media culture, often through the production of new kinds of works — fan fiction primarily, but also fan music and fan video — from the raw materials that the culture industry provided.” (Jenkins)

Although Tumblr was initially built as a simple blogging site it has since evolved and been appropriated by its users and the Tumblr staff, who have taken on board the feedback of their audience. It’s flexibility allows the audience to change the content they receive and set up multiple different blogs for different fandoms or interests. By capturing the enthusiasm of its users Tumblr forms a  variety of creative groups within a larger and diverse community.


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