Transmedia Narratives



Transmedia narratives are essentially defined as a process where ‘integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience’ Jenkins (2007). Basically what our dear friend Jenkins is talking about is the ability social media platforms have to spread content. Social media has influenced the popularity of musicians, TV shows and movies amongst other things because it has the ability to create a hype around things.

Tumblr plays a huge role in distributing channels which contribute to the transmedia narrative as a vast amount of the images, videos and GIFS are products of different television series, movies, books and different figures in celebrity culture. A lot of mainstream content creators will create a Tumblr blog to spread awareness and connect with their audience.

Jenkins (2007) talks about the ways in which transmedia storytelling allows for the circulation of collective intelligence, a term coined by Pierre Levy who describes it as “The capacity of human communities to co-operate intellectually in creation, innovation and invention.” 
Tumblr creates a variety of creations surrounding popular culture such as fan art and fan fiction, which creates a continuation of a transmedia narrative in the mediated public sphere.For example, on Tumblr there is vast Harry Potter Fandom which even after the demise of the books and films continues to create content based on the characters of the original productions.


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