Global Film Crossovers

Crossover cinema relates to an “emerging form of cinema that crosses cultural borders at the stage of conceptualization and production and hence manifests a hybrid cinematic grammar at the textual level, as well as crossing over in terms of its distribution and reception.” (Khorana, 2014). An example of a crossover film is Slumdog Millionaire (2008) as it made it to the Academy Awards and no longer held affiliations to its foreign roots. There are many films made in hollywood which draw inspiration or influence from other cultures such as Bend It Like Beckham and Rush Hour.GetVODTitleImage

Bend It Like Beckham draws on the comparisons and conflict between Indian and British culture and the difference in lifestyle surrounding playing soccer. Crossover films such as this one promotes films to become more internationally recognised ad offering people glimpses of different cultural norms. Although crossovers face the struggle of offending a culture or country through false depiction, oftentimes they will employ actors, producers and crew from different backgrounds to create an authentic depiction. Such crossovers are vital as they often educate Western society about how differently lifestyles may be lead in other cultures.

As the film content we consume is so Eurocentric and Westernised crossovers are essential in providing insights into different cultures and traditions.

Khorana, S 2014, ‘Crossover Cinema: A Genealogical and Conceptual Overview’, Part 1: Producing a Hybrid Grammar


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