Interview – Body Image and Self Esteem

For our research task my group has decided to focus on body image and how low self-esteem comes about in both men and women. We’ve decided to particularly look into how low self-esteem comes about through media (magazines, television, advertising).


As we’re focusing on this we’ve compiled questions that will analyse how the people partaking in the survey can rank how media may affect them. We can get an average idea of how men and women differ when it comes to how consuming media negatively affects them. Then we have broader questions to elicit a more detailed response from individuals. The closed questions allow us to gather some definite answers whereas the open-ended questions mean we can discover more in depth angles of the issue. The closed questions are set out in the style of ‘multiple choice’ that any participants will be easily able to answer.

I practiced some of the more open-ended questions on friends to see how successful they might be. The questions include things like:

  • Can you describe a time you have felt self-conscious due to portrayals of body image in the media?
  • Did it make you feel inclined to change yourself? In what way?
  • If you could change the way women are portrayed in the media, how would you?
  • Do you think men are equally objectified in the media?
  • Do you think because of the media there is a specific definition of ‘perfection’ that most people want to achieve?

During asking these questions to friends and family I got the responses that I expected and they had the intended effect – being that most people are made to feel self-conscious by standards held in the media. I think we as a group need to just refine the questions and figure out what issues within body image we want to target and make sure our questions remain simple so that they don’t confuse any participants taking the survey. I feel that our topic and final questions will be really good and result in an interesting study. It’s a topic I’m really passionate about so I’m looking forward to the real thing and seeing the responses from other people in our course.

When asking questions around body image and low self-esteem I think it’s also interesting to look into how it stems from family and peer pressure so I think our group may organise some questions surrounding that as well. I feel this topic is very relevant today as we are surrounded by images of perfectionism is and are made to believe we should all look a certain way to be considered perfect. It’s an especially current issue in our generation because of social media and the internet which increases more ideals of how people should look.


One thought on “Interview – Body Image and Self Esteem

  1. I really enjoy the topic you have chosen to research. Particularly i like your choice open ended questions as they are very clear, coherent and effectively related to your research question. A further advantage of this blog is the fact that you have addressed what you need to improve on as well. It would have been nice to incorporate some of your closed end questions within the blog as well. Great job!!

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