The Media and Me

Hello friends. Quick basic rundown, go! My name is Jarrah (bizarre, I know!), I’m a second year BCM and Bachelor of Journalism student. I really, really, really love dogs, cats, hedgehogs and any other cute creatures. I love them so much it makes me cry. I also probably spend too much time on the online world.

Whilst we’ve previously delved into the media in this course I’d never really thought much about myself in the media landscape. The hard truth is I freak out if I don’t know where my phone is. Sometimes I misplace it somewhere in my room and immediately go on a rampage to find it again (most of the time it’s in a very obvious spot). I feel so lost when I accidentally leave my mobile at home when a leave the house even for a short time, what will I do if there’s an awkward situation and I can’t just pretend to be really fascinated by something on my phone? I often seriously question how people survived before mobiles. How on earth would you know where to meet people, or find a place without Google Maps, or look up that actor from that movie on IMDb to find out what you’ve seen them in before (I can’t sleep if I don’t know which movie/TV show I recognise them from, it’s a serious condition). There have been times when I’m forced to be without any kind of technology, my family is crazy about camping trips. Like real, legitimate camping where there is absolutely no reception or electricity of any kind. Those weeks are rough. Although it’s kind of like an internet detox, keeps the soul feeling more alive, ya know?

A very accurate representation of human evolution.

The first thing I do when I wake up (if I’m not in a rush to get to uni) is reply to messages, scroll through Instagram and catch up on YouTube videos. It’s just become so much a part of my routine to constantly surround myself with the online world that I don’t even question it. It’s bizarre to think that when I was a child things like iPhones and WiFi didn’t exist because now we live in a world where people can’t survive without them.

Although social media may make people more introverted it allows us to connect with people, I have friends across the globe who I can easily stay in touch with thanks to the Internet because I’m not sure I’d be motivated enough to write letters back and forth like people used to.


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