Orcas – Captivity, Media Coverage and Their Sentience

The popular 2013 documentary Blackfish spurred the public to boycott SeaWorld due to their questionable treatment of orcas. In the two years following the release of the documentary SeaWorld saw an 84% loss in profits (SeaWorld Entertainment Inc., 2015), admitting that ongoing ‘brand challenges’ were to blame. Captivity and its Effects The effects of captivity include aggression, dorsal fin collapse and reduced lifespan. Whilst there … Continue reading Orcas – Captivity, Media Coverage and Their Sentience

Poverty Porn – Changing the Narrative

‘Poverty porn’ is a term used to refer to the exploitation of the poor by the media. When it comes to aiding third world countries there is so often this idea of the ‘white hero’ and the ‘exotic other’.   The Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund created the above video. A comedic and enlightening sketch on the way in which privileged people impose … Continue reading Poverty Porn – Changing the Narrative

Self(ie)-empowerment or narcissism?

Most of us in our 20’s and older will still remember the days before a camera phone existed, when we used digital cameras to take the MySpace selfies in grubby mirror bathrooms with the flash in full force. However, since the invention of the camera phone, with most people owning smart phones with front-facing cameras, selfies have been revolutionised and become the norm for our … Continue reading Self(ie)-empowerment or narcissism?