Orientalism in Pop Culture

Orientalism is a way of seeing which distorts the differences of Eastern cultures by comparing their way of life to Western civilisations. It is a concept which depicts Eastern countries, particularly Arab culture, as backward, exotic and uncivilised. Orientalism serves as justification for Europe and the U.S “helping” less civilised and dangerous countries of the East. Often known as a period of ‘European Enlightenment’, they would … Continue reading Orientalism in Pop Culture

Parallels Between the Telegraph and the Internet

The telegraph represents the first groundbreaking technological achievement in communication. To the people of the 19th century the telegraph was their equivalent of Facebook and text messages. Before the invention of the telegraph sending messages could take days or even weeks as a message could on travel as fast as a person. News was never really current as by the time it reached other destinations … Continue reading Parallels Between the Telegraph and the Internet

The Great Firewall of China

Social media has become a part of our day-to-day lives. In fact, for a lot of people the first thing they do in the morning is roll over, grab their phone and scroll through their social media apps. Social media allows us to communicate with others and stay in touch with the world on a larger scale. It gives everyone the ability to voice their … Continue reading The Great Firewall of China