Climate Change

Climate change and global warming are issues which are constantly reappearing in the global media. As a result, there are often contradictions of information, statistics and opinions which differ depending on the publication. Currently climate change is drastically affecting multiple smaller countries in the Pacific region. Kiribati has become on of the most significantly impacted islands. Consequently, there has been discussion of moving the residents … Continue reading Climate Change

How News Values Effected Reporting on the Arab Spring

News today undergoes a series of procedures before it reaches its final audience. People at the head of news corporations are having the final say in what is published. Once news was broadcasted on radio, and then television. Now, in addition to these formats we have the ability to receive news anywhere and on the go through a smartphone or tablet. Lee-Wright (2011) observes that … Continue reading How News Values Effected Reporting on the Arab Spring

Is One Really Better Than the Other? Sherlock VS Elementary

In comparison to looking at comedy in translation it often appears that drama is more often successfully translated. Perhaps this is because drama is a more universal topic as it often follows a particular plot outline which is familiar to everyone. One such drama which is recognisable to everyone is the story of Sherlock Holmes, which has been adapted numerous times since the first novel, … Continue reading Is One Really Better Than the Other? Sherlock VS Elementary

Television across the globe. What is it that is lost in translation?

When a television programme proves popular often other countries will tale the original content and  remake it to better suit their audiences. Although it has been successful on occasion, oftentimes shows which are translated lose a lot of the original humour and are cancelled due to there not being enough ratings. An example which Sue Turnbull (2008) focuses on when looking at television in translation … Continue reading Television across the globe. What is it that is lost in translation?

Emerging Media Capitals

‘Media capitals’ are spaces where “things come together and, consequently, where the generation and circulation of new mass culture forms become possible”. (Curtin, 2003) Media capitals encourage individuals to focus on the differences as well as similarities when observing cultural spheres of influence. Hong Kong is an example of the emergence of a new media capital due to their development of television programs, especially TVB. … Continue reading Emerging Media Capitals

Global Film Crossovers

Crossover cinema relates to an “emerging form of cinema that crosses cultural borders at the stage of conceptualization and production and hence manifests a hybrid cinematic grammar at the textual level, as well as crossing over in terms of its distribution and reception.” (Khorana, 2014). An example of a crossover film is Slumdog Millionaire (2008) as it made it to the Academy Awards and no … Continue reading Global Film Crossovers

Internationalising Education

Globalisation is the shift of the international world coming together as influenced by technological advances and economic, political and militaristic gain. As countries and cultures become more interconnected there is the gain of of mutual goods and services, however there comes the question whether the process of globalisation is resulting in greater losses than which it is worth? Some people have a very utopian view … Continue reading Internationalising Education