And We’ve Come Full Circle!

We’ve come to the end of our first blogging assessment! I must admit it’s a little bittersweet! Despite my procrastination when it comes to uploading these blogs I have honestly enjoyed the learning process of creating posts. I’ve been able to gain a deeper insight into the issues discussed during lectures and tutorials and relate that back to my own findings. I’ve loved the BCM110 … Continue reading And We’ve Come Full Circle!

The Geordie’s ‘Shore’ Way to Start Debate

The idea of the public sphere was created during the 1800’s by Jürgen Habermas whose “concept of the public sphere is realm within social life in which public opinion can be formed and which accessible to all.” The public sphere is the notion of democracy, by giving the general public a voice in a social environment and by deliberating and discussing ideas they may influence … Continue reading The Geordie’s ‘Shore’ Way to Start Debate

Media Manipulation

(Source) Traditionally, media is meant to represent the news and facts, to inform us of what is happening in the world we live in. However, when the media is controlled by certain people, the truth can become warped depending on the person in power and their views and beliefs. The media in Australia is monopolised by a few key figures who ultimately decide what news is … Continue reading Media Manipulation

Controversial Or Just Plain Insensitive?

In today’s society we are intent on pushing boundaries just to capture the attention of our audiences. Advertisements have become more risky and daring in proposing controversial topics in a way which forces the viewer to engage and form an opinion. Powerful images work to manipulate an audience through signs. How an individual perceives an image depends upon their specific values and beliefs and certain … Continue reading Controversial Or Just Plain Insensitive?

Who’s to blame?

We’ve all heard the stories where the media are blamed for the effects they have on individuals in our society, such as the shock death of the celebrity Charlotte Dawson who had announced her depression publicly in 2012 yet was constantly harassed by online ‘trolls’. The negative effects of media are more present than ever in today’s society. It is so easy to become a … Continue reading Who’s to blame?

A little hello

Hi all, I’m Jarrah (in case anyone was thinking it, yes, like the timber), or if that’s too weird of a name for you, you’re welcome to call me Jay. First week of uni is over and done and as such I am now forced to write this introductory blog post as all other forms of procrastination have evaded me. Honestly, when asked why I’m … Continue reading A little hello