Reflection on my Digital Research Project – Fake Phoning

 I wanted to investigate and explore the topic of fake phoning (I’ve also seen it described as phoney phoning on Urban Dictionary – which I think is great). Fake phoning is when people pretend to text or call someone to avoid an awkward or inconvenient situation. The idea came to me because it’s something I’m familiar with – I do it all the time and … Continue reading Reflection on my Digital Research Project – Fake Phoning

Fake Phoning

What is ‘fake phoning’? ‘Fake phoning’ ( or ‘phoney phoning‘ as I’ve also seen it described) is the act of pretending to text or call or even perhaps just pretending to scroll on your smartphone. It’s an act that occurs in public and social situations for different reasons – most of which can usually be boiled down to wanting to appear busy because you feel … Continue reading Fake Phoning

Cinema Extinction?

The average amount of times which Australian’s frequent cinema’s per year has dropped a lot over the past decade. Swedish Geographer, Torsten Hagerstrand, has three constraints that he believes stop people from going about their daily lives. The constraints can also be applied to cinema attendance. Capability – the limitations on human movement due to physical or biological factors. For example, it is impossible to instantaneously … Continue reading Cinema Extinction?

We Breathe Wi-Fi

My family home still had good ol’ dial-up Internet that makes all those crazy sounds until I was about 12. We then had Ethernet for another few years, by then most of my friends already had Wi-Fi. My parents have both been slow to transition into Wi-Fi, digital TV and smartphones. They’re hesitant and I think they never wanted us to become too attached to … Continue reading We Breathe Wi-Fi

Understanding Collaborative Ethnography

Collaborative ethnography, what on Earth does it mean? Let’s start by trying to deconstruct it and hopefully we’ll all be a little bit wiser by the end of this. Ethnography is the study of people and cultures from the point of view of the subject – although the definition varies somewhat from the points of different ethnographers. Collaborating is when two or more parties come … Continue reading Understanding Collaborative Ethnography

When Television Was Still Black And White

“You weren’t allowed to sit too close to the TV. You had to sit more than a metre or two metres away because they thought you’d get radiation from it.” – Dad  It was in the year of 1967 when my father, Simon Bowley, was eight years old that his family first acquired a television. A good, sturdy television; that stood on four, long legs … Continue reading When Television Was Still Black And White

The Media and Me

Hello friends. Quick basic rundown, go! My name is Jarrah (bizarre, I know!), I’m a second year BCM and Bachelor of Journalism student. I really, really, really love dogs, cats, hedgehogs and any other cute creatures. I love them so much it makes me cry. I also probably spend too much time on the online world. Whilst we’ve previously delved into the media in this course I’d … Continue reading The Media and Me