Internet of Things (or IoT) encompasses everything connected to the internet. It’s increasingly becoming the idea of objects connected to the internet that have the ability to ‘talk’, learn and interact with each other. Just like Toy Story, except instead of toys coming to life it’s all our household objects and devices. Yep, nailed the concept. Just as the internet connects us all to information the … Continue reading IoT

Analysing my thoughts on IYATO

A couple of weeks ago I shared my thoughts on experiencing an episode of the Chinese dating show, If You Are The One (IYATO). When experiencing the show it was difficult to set aside biases. The dating culture depicted on IYATO is completely different to that what I am used to and there are sharp differences that I kept revisiting between Chinese culture and Australian/Western culture. … Continue reading Analysing my thoughts on IYATO

The attention economy and the longtail effect

The concept of the longtail effect was brought about when people began to notice that ‘the hits’ no longer dominated the market, rather due to the accessibility of the internet an excessive and unlimited amount of niches were available and rose in popularity. Mainstream media is selective and limited, whereas niche media on the internet is limitless due to anyone being able to produce their own … Continue reading The attention economy and the longtail effect

Liquid Labour – the breakdown of work-life barriers

Liquid labour is a term that refers to the paradigm shift of labour from a traditional industrial and manufacturing workforce towards a flexible workforce undefined by time and space, courtesy of cyberspace. It is breaking borders in the sense that people are no longer restricted to the traditional 9-5 work schedule in cyberspace. The network society paradigm influences the world in which we live constantly … Continue reading Liquid Labour – the breakdown of work-life barriers

My understanding of autoethnography

Falling into a habit of autoethnography for this subject is probably something I’ll have to get used to. Studying a bachelor of journalism, objectivity has been drilled into me relentlessly. Bias in journalism is frowned upon. The core of journalism is to report on hard facts and deliver the truth to the public. I did one class that focused on narrative journalism, a form of … Continue reading My understanding of autoethnography

Independent Cyberspace

Centralised networks are those where all information passes through an individual source, this creates issues such as censorship, delay in information and if the centre is struck down the entire system is useless. Centralised networks essentially allow for control. Whilst the internet we experience is more of a decentralised or distributed network there are still a handful of mega corporations at the centre, meaning our … Continue reading Independent Cyberspace