Independent Cyberspace

Centralised networks are those where all information passes through an individual source, this creates issues such as censorship, delay in information and if the centre is struck down the entire system is useless. Centralised networks essentially allow for control. Whilst the internet we experience is more of a decentralised or distributed network there are still a handful of mega corporations at the centre, meaning our … Continue reading Independent Cyberspace

The Telegraph and Instantaneity

  “It requires no small intellectual effort to realize that this is a fact that now is, and not that has been” – The New York Herald The idea that the telegraph allowed people, for the first time, to learn of events in real-time and that this was a foreign concept to so many is different from the world we inhabit today. Instantaneous connection is all … Continue reading The Telegraph and Instantaneity

Food and Technology pt. 2

There are different ideas of what the future of food will look like, but everyone agrees on what it should provide: a food system that can feed everyone, everywhere, every day. Ways to make food processes and production more sustainable are imperative to feed the world’s growing population. Advances in agriculture once allowed us to cater for growing civilisations but under current strains of population and prosperity … Continue reading Food and Technology pt. 2

Orcas – Captivity, Media Coverage and Their Sentience

The popular 2013 documentary Blackfish spurred the public to boycott SeaWorld due to their questionable treatment of orcas. In the two years following the release of the documentary SeaWorld saw an 84% loss in profits (SeaWorld Entertainment Inc., 2015), admitting that ongoing ‘brand challenges’ were to blame. Captivity and its Effects The effects of captivity include aggression, dorsal fin collapse and reduced lifespan. Whilst there … Continue reading Orcas – Captivity, Media Coverage and Their Sentience

Poverty Porn – Changing the Narrative

‘Poverty porn’ is a term used to refer to the exploitation of the poor by the media. When it comes to aiding third world countries there is so often this idea of the ‘white hero’ and the ‘exotic other’.   The Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund created the above video. A comedic and enlightening sketch on the way in which privileged people impose … Continue reading Poverty Porn – Changing the Narrative

Food and Technology

With the world’s population expected to reach almost 10 billion by 2050 there will have to be changes in the way food is produced and distributed to cater not only to the growing population but to combat the negative effects the food industry has on the environment. In developing countries, hunger is still a prevalent issue. In first world countries, food is becoming more aestheticized due … Continue reading Food and Technology